Valve industry status quo and development trend

  In the sterile field of process industry, “bellows the competition between the valve and diaphragm,” a long time. For a long time, diaphragm its structure is simple, inexpensive, and easy to clean and disinfect and took advantage. Compared with the diaphragm, bellows valves in different specifications on the market too. Today, Tuchenhagen production Vesta bellows valve is to fill this gap, this paper comparing diaphragm and bellows valves, the advantages and disadvantages of the two valves is more clear.
When you need to use the diaphragm in a horizontal pipe must be installed to ensure the diaphragm in a horizontal pipe manufacturer in accordance with the provisions of the diaphragm valve angle, otherwise the process equipment operation, diaphragm emptied encounter some problems, not fully discharge valve body of the medium. However, different types of diaphragm valves, diaphragm valves from different manufacturers, different nominal flow diaphragm installation angle is different, and often to the design and manufacture of sterile process equipment has brought a lot of trouble. T-shaped structure in the diaphragm, this empty body problem is even more evident.
Compared with the diaphragm, Vesta bellows valve is not such a problem, regardless of Vesta bellows valve body is in what form the structure, process equipment at no-load operation will not be a “dead”, in order to ensure strict cut off the pipe. Moreover, it can be installed in the piping system in the aseptic process equipment installed in a different way.
In pharmaceutical manufacturing, aseptic process equipment from a number of horizontal and vertical pipes piping components in the design of pharmaceutical equipment in the pipeline due to the location and technology, must be installed to use this bellows valves in a specific location. For example, if you install the diaphragm in a vertical pipe shall be via a 90 ° elbow connection in the same horizontal plane. The production cost of the T-structure diaphragm also high, compared with the structure of the different shape of the diaphragm valve, bellows valves in size and shape, connections and pipeline installation advantages. Due to the structure of two types of cut-off valve of different types, so early in the aseptic process equipment design, you should choose a good which type should be used in all parts of the globe valve.
In the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology sector output device has a large number of valves required to be sterilized. The large valves, for example Stericom series, in which required to be sterilized is almost useless. Because, in these process equipment, requiring fewer transport medium quality, for less traffic, people almost invariably choose the diaphragm. The new bellows valve has a smaller size, can be equipped with different pipe diameters, in this respect than the diaphragm advantages.

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